Movie WAR Propaganda - American Sniper
Movie WAR Propaganda – American Sniper

Should you watch the movie “American Sniper” when you walk away from the big or the small screen you could say while watching the movie you morphed from being a movie goer into being a student with psy-ops operatives as your instructors. In the double tap tradition taught at the American military’s special forces school located at Fort Benning, Georgia, the tradition of shooting two shots from a high power rifle to kill a person, one, the movie was premiered during the weekend of the Martin Luther King holiday (the 1% were fully cognizant that King was killed by an American sniper). Secondly, the 1% included two lethal scenes in the movie that would make Nazis leader Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, jump for joy were he alive. (Goggle that!) The 1% wants all of you to see the movie. In light of the purpose for including the two scenes being to train white people to be racist, clearly one can say people have prematurely labeled America a post racist society. In the opening scene of the movie the audience’s attention is directed to a tank slowly advancing down a rubble strewn street. You see the tank’s tread run over a small portion of what use to be a building. The existence of the rubble suggest the building was blown apart during a previous battle. That scene is cut. Next the audience is shown two columns of soldiers advancing in both tread tracks behind the tank. That scene is cut. Next the audience is shown the American sniper. The audience sees the American sniper with his spotter, the accomplice who tells the sniper the range of the target and tells him what adjustments he must make to his rifle. Both are on the roof of what seems to be a three story building. The sniper is prone and he is surveying the scene through the scope of his riffle. The spotter is seated on his hips next to the sniper surveying the same scene through a pair of binoculars.

The sniper spots a person who comes out of a door onto a terrace type situation. The sniper directs the attention of the spotter to the person by telling him: I see a male of military age about 200 yards away. The scene is cut. The audience is shown the man who is being talked about. The Arab man looks at the tank and at the advancing troops. He takes out his cell phone and talks briefly. He stops talking. He puts away his phone and he goes back in the door he came out of. That scene is cut. Next, while viewing the action from the vantage point of the sniper’s scope, the sniper moves the scope down the wall of the house of the man with the phone. The scope settles on a door located on the ground floor. After having settled on the door for about a mili-second, a woman dressed in black Muslim garb and a young boy dressed in brown, knee length Muslim garb emerge from the door. Both walk a few feet into the street then stop. The audience sees this through the lens of the sniper’s scope. The woman opens her outer garment, takes out an 18 inch long rocket propelled grenade then passes it to the boy. Next the sniper’s breathing is made audible to communicate that he is going into the sniping mode. The audience is shown the sniper placing his shooting finger on the trigger of his riffle. Next you see the cross hairs in the sniper’s scope placed on the boy’s brown shirt. The scene is cut. Next, from the front perspective, the audience is shown the front
hole of a riffle barrel. Before you are able to realize all of what you are looking at, the riffle fires. Subsequently you are shown a brown object has been hit by the riffle fire. The object drops. The audience is shown the object. To our dismay, rather than the object being the boy in the brown Arab garb it is a brown deer that has been shot.

In the next lethal scene, the second tap, as it were, the audience is shown the sniper on the practice shooting range shooting a black, headless, center body target. After shooting the black target, the sniper shoots an animal, a snake, in the grass next to the black target.

The psy-ops operatives instructors who included the two scenes in the movie were teaching the same lessons taught by the Nazis party’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels: that non-whites, that Blacks are animals (that should be killed). During the Nazis era, to train the German people to have the mind set to participate in the killing /elimination of the Jews and all inferior people, Mr. Goebbels ordered showing Jews eating out of the garbage, (cut the scene) then show rats eating out of the garbage. Additionally, the Nazis party created the Hitler youth corps. Upon joining young people were given a puppy and a dagger. The young person is put through a training course at the end of which the puppy would have matured. At the graduation ceremony the young person is ordered to use the dagger to kill the animal. The reason this act is made a component of the graduation ceremony is the Nazis felt if a person could kill an animal he or she loves then he or she could kill inferior people they do not know.The practice of training whites to think of non-whites as animals was also done during slavery days. On many plantations when it was time to feed the animals, the slave masters would order the old slaves to feed the slave children in the middle of the yard with the animals. As you will recall, Harriet Tubman, the great courageous liberator, said she would have freed more slaves but some did not think of themselves as slaves.

All the examples talked about above, the two scenes in the movie, the two examples talked about involving Jews and the examples involving slaves, are instances of Pavlovian classical conditioning-training by association. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov is the author of classical conditioning-training by association.

Classical conditioning-training by association goes as follows. Essentially, you start with a single stimulus eliciting a response. Next you repeatedly introduce a new object until the new object is associated with the initial stimulus in the subjects mind until he, she or it regard the new object as being equivalent to the initial stimulus and the subject responds to the new object like the initial stimulus. Ivan Pavlov used a dog as his subject. The stimulus was the dog’s food. The response was the dog salivating on seeing the food. The new stimulus was a bell. Pavlov began ringing the bell every time he showed the dog his food. Consequently, after a while Pavlov was able to ring the bell to cause the dog to salivate. What happened was that at a certain point the dog would have associated the bell with the food and it responded the same way as if it were food. The 1% feel the need to train-condition whites to be racist because doing so would keep the races separate and fighting against each other. By keeping the races attention riveted on constantly fighting each other, the 1% can be assured the races will not disengage from the fight long enough to engage them in a decisive struggle. The 1% see themselves as an entity unto themselves. They see others as groups to be used for this or for that purpose. This formula for sustaining the 1% and for sustaining capitalism when translated says the fuel that keeps the financial and the social status quo vehicle going is the constant spilling of the blood of poor Black and poor white people.

During the 1700s the 1% learned that left to their own devices the races would not only mingle but also join forces to “level matters,” to use the term that was current during the 1700s. What is meant by that term is: bring the high down and bring the low up till everybody is on the same level socially and financially. To prevent the fruition of these ideals, to preemptively stop their overthrow, the 1% took steps to permanently stop their defeat: they stopped importing indentured servants while still allowing poor whites to migrate to America; they declared Africans to henceforward be slaves; they employed poor whites to be whip crackers; and, the 1% created the myths of African inferiority and white superiority to silence the dissidents/critics. Before the advent of chattel slavery, history is replete with instances of whites and Africans together escaping the clutches of or attacking the 1%. The 1% felt white and African unity would have surely resulted in the sounding of their death knell. Consequently, the 1% never sleeps pass the opportunity to keep the races separate. In light of how the two scenes in the movie are structured and executed it is quite safe to say they are instances of training by association-classical conditioning. The existence of the two scenes goes beyond the scope of the mandate of a movie maker. Then one can say people have prematurely labeled America a post racist society. Perhaps an atmosphere absent the 1% and absent an intelligence community would better lend itself to making such high sounding pronouncements.


Tarik Haskins

I am a former member of the Black Liberation Army. I spent 17 years in various American death camps as a prisoner of war.