On Monday, February 8, 2016, president’s day, at the Levi stadium in Sata Clara, California, just 42 miles south of Oakland, during the half time show of the super bowl 50th football game between the Denver Broncos, 24, and The Carolina Panthers, 10, mega singing star, Beyonce`, and her dance group did an astonishing performance. Beyonce`s performance was, as the title implies, educative and entertaining: it was edutainment. The 1% and their agents were outraged.

I am intelligent!

Mega-star, Beyonce Knowles, and her dance group lit up Levi stadium. The dance group wore black berets and Beyonce, their leader, was rendered recognizable by her bare head. They were clad in black leather body suits and they crossed—“x-ed”—their chest with cartridge like belts. They sported black combat looking boots. Certainly, their looks alone, almost completely Black Panther like, the fans found the viewing of was a bomb bursting, breath taking experience. Beyonce and her group’s attire conjured up and paid homage to the 50th anniversary of Huey Newton and Bobby Seal founding the Black Panther Party for Self Defense that was headquartered in Oakland, California.

I am courageous!

After having blown everything out of the minds of 111.9 million fans with their singular introduction, before they could catch their breaths, Beyonce` group wowed them with the shocking lyrics of their song. The lyrics were shocking because after 400 years, 25 hours a day, of being subjected to white supremacist training, white supremacist never sleeping past an opportunity to train black people, white supremacist training Black people by word of mouth, white supremacist training Black people in newspapers, in plays, in books, in school books, in booklets, on signs, on billboards, in parks, on buses, in lunch counters, in hotels and motels, on the radio, on tv, in the military, in college, still white supremacist had not succeeded in training every black person to hate themselves and to hate other Black people. The lyrics to Beyonce` song also was shocking to all the fans in America because they could sense, no, the agents of the 1% did not tell Beyonce and the others to sing that. In signing their lyrics Beyonce` and her group were throwing off the effort by the 1% to shackle their minds. They sang out loud for the whole world to hear: I like my negro hair: I like my negro nose with Jackson five nostrils; I like my negro lips. Accordingly, after having admitted as much as they did, essentially they were announcing to themselves and to the world: I love myself and I am a human being, the most valuable entity in the world. Additionally, while signing, at designated intervals, Beyonce` and her group, in Black Panther fashion, punched holes in the sky with Black power salutes.

Moreover, Beyonce and her group, while performing a routine with Black Panther military style precision, went on to form themselves into a giant “X.” In light of the educative lyrics sung by Beyonce and her group, forming the “X” that conjured up Malcolm X, black people’s black shining prince, having followed the enlightening lyrics with forming the “X” was very much apropos.
Malcolm X was on track to become a beautiful person, in particular, a beautiful African. His parents were Garveyites, followers of the Right Honorable Marcus Garvey. They were members of the U.N.I.A. (Universal Negro Improvement Association) founded by Marcus Garvey. Malcolm’s mother, Louise Little, wrote for the Garvey Paper. His father, Earl Little, led a chapter of the U.N.I.A. They imparted to Malcolm the Garveyite tenets. This normal, loving rearing process was violently and abruptly halted. Because Malcolm’s father, Earl, refused to be submissive and compliant, refused to be a “n…..” person, the klu Klux klan killed him: in 1931, when Malcolm was 6, his father was found dead with a crushed skull and his body almost cut in half, reportedly due to being laid on street car tracts. Shortly afterwards white supremacist committed Malcolm’s mother to an insane asylum. Consequently, Malcolm was placed in the foster care system. Therein, Malcolm was trained to be a “n…..” person. He was trained to arrive at negative conclusions about his entirety, his hair, his nose, his lips… Consequently, Malcolm tried to obliterate his negative “n…..” painful self: he conked his hair to make it like white people’s hair and he totally clad himself in european attire. Momentarily, Malcolm was proud to be the “n…..” person they made him: Detroit Red. Subsequent to having gone for himself and after being arrested, Malcolm’s sibling successfully inspired him to begin studying. During the course of his studying Malcolm retrained himself to love his hair, his nose, his lips—his entirety. As a new African Malcolm allowed his hair to grow naturally. He attired himself in African garb. Once re-Africanized he gave himself the African name: El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. Malcolm’s developmental trajectory, first being reared by his parents to be a loving human being, then placed in the foster care system and trained to be a negative “n…..” person, then training himself to be a beautiful person, is similar to the training course numerous people have been subjected to. Accordingly, like Malcolm, they too have to train themselves into being a beautiful human being. Moreover, again reminiscent of the Black Panther style military precision, Beyonce and her dance group formed themselves into an arrow. The symbolism suggested—actually, strongly urged those persons who have retrained themselves much like Malcolm did should form themselves into an organization then go straight ahead to liberation mountain top. After seeing Beyonce’s astonishing performance, the 1% and their agents were outraged. Beyonce and her dance group’s performance signaled to the 1% and their agents billions of dollars spent and thousands and thousands of agents deployed all have been for naught. Obviously, Beyonce and her dance group were not scared, were not self hating, nor were they haters of black people. Those who heard Beyonce’s song and who embraced the messages embedded therein, the 1% reasoned, also would not become negative “n…..” persons. The 1% and their agents reasoned that Beyonce and her dance group’s performance would thereafter come to stand for giga -financial losses.
Moreover, the 1% channeled their outrage via telling the public to concern themselves with Beyonce’s discussion about the police found on her “Formation” video. On February 9, 2016, one day after Beyonce’s performance, 111.9 million plus people were talking about Beyonce’s performance at Levi stadium, not talking about the video, except the 1% and their agents. Essentially, the world was talking apples and the 1% and their agents were talking organs. Should Black people focus on Beyonce’s performance, embrace her message, they would live. Conversely, should they turn their attention to the police, as the 1% suggest, no matter how positive or how negative their thoughts, having done so would not save one life. The 1% is very cognizant of this fact. Their aim then, on the down low, for proffering their advice, that people focus on the police, is to prevent as many people as they can from saving their own lives. So many have been lost. The 1% are the personification of misleaders. Actually, in accusing Beyonce of using the stadium as a platform to attack police officers, the 1% was carrying out a psy-ops (psychological operation) Freudian technique known as a “projected reflection:” what one is guilty of doing one says (projects—throws on) another person is guilty of doing. Here, the 1% has used the occasion as a “platform” to gratuitously attack critics of police tactics. There is a difference between expressing a desire that the police stop killing you and attacking them. The public—the world is witnessing the 1% making a mad dash to even use this opportunity to promote Black genocide. Now we know the enemies of humanity are a gang of serial killers who feel they need to kill because doing so enables them to say to themselves: I am not stupid: I am not a coward: I am not worthless. Factually, Beyonce’s performance is indicative of her having done considerable studying.


Moreover, the police are carrying out unnecessary killings and they are committing excessive brutality. The police are carrying out stop and frisk tactics—punctuated by periodic killings—against Black youth to break their will to resist living under inhumane and horrific conditions. The police are carrying out mass incarceration as a component of the breaking process Black people are subjected to. Additionally, schools also are an essential component of this breaking process: teachers who the 1% have successfully trained, who have been trained to be obsessive compulsives, perfectionist, without the 1% being there at every juncture ordering them, teach black students to think of themselves as stupid and worthless. Once black students are saddled with these negative conclusions they go on to hurt themselves, hurt other students and they hurt some teachers. It is being under the influence of this mindset that constitute being in the school to prison pipe line. Thereafter, black students are destined to end up in prison. The police are the enforcers that prevent the 99% from arresting this process. The police could easily get respect: stop killing and stop brutalizing Black people.


Additionally, the 1% and their agents expressed their outrage at Beyonce via communicating threats to her in the print media. A picture of and an article about Beyonce, BEYONCE FLAP FOR ‘KLAN’ COP, in The Daily News, Friday, Febuary 16, 2016, page 36, was surrounded by articles with the following headlines: ( in big letters by her face) “BLAZE KILLS ONE…”, ( in bigger letters behind her head) “HACK OF HATRED,’ (under that article is) “CRACKA BEATEN FOR MALCOLM,” (under that article there is an article soliciting cars to fund the wishes of dying persons) “donate your car—wheels for wishes,” (to the right of that article there is) “SKULL, REMAINS IN BAG AT QNS. PARK,” (to the right of that article is) “SORRY WE BILLED KIN OF SLAIN BOY,” ( to the right of that article) “DEATH NOTICES,” (above that article is) “4 TEENS CUFFED IN MAILMAN ASSAULT.”

Moreover, because this author knows the 1% and their agents in the intelligence community never sleeps past a small or a big opportunity to drive a wedge between the black and the white races, this author believes the 1% may have enabled the Denver Broncos and The Carolina Panthers to make it to the super bowl so, in front of the whole world, the Broncos could defeat the Panthers: the logo for the Denver Broncos is a white horse and the logo for the Carolina Panthers is a Black Panther.

This author believes it’s possible the 1% and their agents enabled the Panthers and the Broncos to play in the super bowl because playing the game would symbolically represent a microcosmic battle between the black and the white races. The black race would come away from the game dejected losers and the whites would come away as elated winners. The 1% promotes fighting between the races so the resulting casualties would serve as solid evidence to dissuade persons truly concerned about the welfare of the members of both races to not want to work toward unity. The 1% created the myth of Black inferiority and the myth of white superiority at a time when continued black and white unity would have led to the imminent defeat of the 1% and to an end to the tortured and horrific conditions both races were forced to live under.

Beyonce, the Black Panthers salute you and certainly the entire 99% salute you.


Tarik James Haskins—BLACK PANTHER—2-26-16
I am a human being, the most valuable entity in the world!

Tarik Haskins

I am a former member of the Black Liberation Army. I spent 17 years in various American death camps as a prisoner of war.