Black Panther Movie Poster
Black Panther Movie Poster

The movie is a cinematic adaptation of an episode from a Marvel comic book. In the movie, following the murder of the king, ultimately two cousins fight over who rightfully should assume the title of king of the electronic, futuristic, vibranium enriched hidden kingdom known as Wakanda. The king (a male) is given the title “BLACK PANTHER.”


The Marvel Comic Book movie “Black Panther” has been seized on by members of the intelligence community to be used as a brainwashing vehicle, a training film. Specifically, members of the fbi and the cia, especially persons in their psychological operations departments, are using the movie to brainwash Black children and less informed adults. Because of the huge amount of advertisement and because members of the intelligence community ordered people to see it, many children and a large number of adults will see the movie. Hereunder I shall present a critique of BLACK PANTHER.


To Black adults and other knowledgeable viewers, the very obvious brainwashing ploy begins at the end of the first quarter of the movie. There we see the Black Panther character and a character plying a cia agent partner up to take down a bad guy. The bad guy is portrayed as a racist who calls Black people savages. No doubt that is done to plant the seed of race hatred in members of the audience. This trick gets by our children and by benighted foreigners. Black adults and learned persons around the world know cia agents are racist and they are in charge of the klu klux klan, the Aryan Brotherhood and the u.s.a. Nazis party. Cia agents will not fight against what they promote. There is no greater bad guy deserving to be taken down and not partnered with than a cia agent. Black adults and learned persons around the world also know members of the cia heads up the campaigns to oppress and exploit the poor people of the world and to carry out genocide against Black people. This, in and of itself, is a hell of a trick to pull on children. Additionally, there is the scene wherein the cia agent jumps in front of a bullet. He is shot protecting a Black woman. To suggest that a cia agent would take a bullet protecting a Black woman is outrageous. Cia agents totally
lack the moral and ethical characteristics that would prompt them to do such a thing. The idea is so ridiculous and so improbable it should not even be included in a fictitious work. Most importantly, by contrast, the movie makers, members of the intelligence community, included scenes wherein the character who becomes the Black Panther unnecessarily kills two Black women and brutalizes numerous other women. In fact, when the Black Panther knocks Killmonger in a hole killmonger is in the process of killing the young girl who is portrayed as the research and development person of “Wakanda.” Parenthetically, as it were, first we are taught that a cia agent would sacrifice his life to save a Black woman. Then we are taught that a Black man un-hesitantly brutalizes and kills Black women. Moreover, the objective of the “falling in the hole” scene is to clear the mind of the audience so they would be left with the single thought: kill Killmonger. Importantly, while dying, Killmonger identifies himself as an “African” like those African slaves who were buried at sea and he request to also be buried at sea. That scene communicates to the audience: kill Africans who look like killmonger.


Additionally, there is the matter of the use of dichotomized dialogue, speaking with a forked tongue. As we know, to dichotomize a matter is to divide it into two parts:
one good and one bad. There are three obvious instances of dichotomize dialogue. Two characters talk about exploited and oppressed people fought for freedom but lacked the weapons to succeed and “Wakanda” should supply them with weapons. In both instances the characters go on to say after helping oppressed people “Wakanda” should build an empire. One character also says the sun should never set on the would be “Wakandan” empire. Actually there was an empire the sun never set on: the british empire. That empire is especially noted for two things:killing a lot of people and letting a lot of people die. Should members of the audience / oppressed people come to believe their leadership aspire to build an empire like those “Wakandan” leaders, in view of knowing empire builders are immoral and unethical, many of them would conclude there is no need to struggle for change since they would end up having brought into existence what they already have, being a subject person in an evil empire. Moreover, in saying that oppressed people lacked the weapons to free themselves the bigger theme those characters were addressing is : you oppressed people still lack the weapons to free yourselves. So don’t even try it. You lack the comparable number of tanks, jets, etc. to win a conventional war against the empire’s ruling class military. Here the intelligence community scriptwriters intended to continue to mislead members of the audience / oppressed people into thinking winning or loosing freedom is still predicated on the amount of weapons in the hands of the oppressed. That was the case during the initial hostile contact takeover.

The fact is, presently the empire rest on the psychological pillars located in the minds of the oppressed not on weaponry. The Black Panther movie attest to the above assertion. Those specific pillars are: being trained to think of oneself as stupid; thinking one lacks courage; lacking self confidence because of having been trained to think that everything one does is wrong; and not thinking of oneself as a human being, the most valuable entity in the world. Once saddled with any one or all of these wrong conclusions one would not struggle for freedom. A psychologically reconstructed person would go forward to acquire all one needs to be free. Accordingly, Once a person’s brother, sister, neighbor understands the process one would have put oneself through then put themselves through that same process the lit fuse would light the power keg starting everyone to reconstruct him or herself and we would all be free. Presently, a properly educated person, like the real Black Panthers, is the only weapon that is needed, which is why so much money goes into mis-educating the people.
The third instance of a dichotomized dialogue occurred during the u.n. scene. In that scene the Black Panther character addresses a u.n. like audience. The character pledges to integrate “Wakanda” into the world community and to make “Wakandan” resources available to the world. Pledging oneself to positive behavior is good. The incongruous bad part is to have a cia agent look on smiling approval of what is said. The presence of the cia agent communicates a converse negative message.


Additionally, there is the training by association scene. That scene contains an example of the practice most relied on by members of the psychological operation departments to train people to be suitable to live in this society without rebelling. Mention of the practice conjures up a quote from “WRETCHED OF THE EARTH” by Frantz Fanon: “He (the settler) come to believe that the domestication of the ‘inferior races’ will come about by conditioning of their reflexes.” P.16-17. Wretched of The Earth was a favorite book read by members of The Black Panther Party. In the movie scene a Black woman who is shown kissing Killmonger while they are in an ambulance and who accompanies him during the breakout of their one arm companion, is shot to death. Because her killing was unexpected, was unnecessary and the act was totally violative of people’s concept of the correct treatment that should be accorded to women, the audience is shocked, angered and saddened. Before the feeling of shock, anger and sadness subsided, the audience takes those feelings into the next scene wherein the person portraying a racist is killed. This happening constitutes being a slight variation of an instance of two stimuli triggering the same response. The feeling / response to one stimuli becomes associated with a different stimuli. Because the audience is still saddled with the feeling of shock, anger and sadness at the killing of the Black woman when the racist is killed, those feeling are the dominant feeling experienced The resulting effect is the audience is prevented from freely and fully conjuring up the feeling appropriate for that scene: yeah, kill that racist. This scene serves to train our children to not want to kill people who are killing us.


Many children and some adults will find the movie unforgettable because they were introduced to, discomforted or frightened by the fratricidal scenes they were exposed to: brother kills brother: cousin kills cousin: and wife about to kill husband. As you recall, the movie opens with a scene wherein the king kills his brother. In the scene, the king confronts and excoriates his brother for stealing some of their countries most valuables resource, vibrainium. The brother attempts to stop the king from returning the vibrainium by pulling a gun. The king takes the gun and stabs his brother. Additionally, there are scenes wherein Killmonger kills two women. While possessing special powers he goes on to beat up a group of Dora Malajes, the Wakandan special forces women. Moreover, there is a scene wherein the Black Panther knocks Killmonger in a hole to prevent him from killing a young girl. Furthermore, as you will recall, the movie ends with a long, fratricidal fight scene. The Black Panther and Killmonger engage in a knock down, drag out fight. At the end, the Black Panther character kills his cousin, Killmonger. Because viewing these scenes trigger feelings of discomfort and fright they become unforgettable teaching moments. Our children and some adults will forever replay these fratricidal scenes in their minds.


The makers of the movie spent 200 million dollars They got the best money could buy. They hired the best actors. They were able to create a convincing electronic, futuristic society. Their costumes were singular and over the top. To lure in the stem students, especially students of electronic engineering, the young girl research and development actor donned a shirt with the PHI symbol: PHI is the symbol for magnetic flux, a central factor in electronics. Incidentally, there is a mineral like vibrainium that is a central component of today’s electronic gadgets and would be central to building any futuristic world. That substance is quartz crystal: it actually vibrates.


This author believes members of the intelligence community seized on the movie to brainwash Black children, benighted adults and to eclipse the members of the real Black Panthers, Since about 2015 there have been the showing of numerous documentaries about the Black Panther Party. There have been the presenting of plays, the publishing of books and many radio programs about the Black Panthers. All of these going ons put the Black Panthers on the lips of many people around the country. Additionally, around 2015, a time which coincided with the conception of the making of the Marvel movie, filming started on a movie scripted and directed by a real Black Panther. That over the top movie premiered about four months ago. It is titled: CHAPTER AND VERSE. It is a must see. It is believed members of the intelligence community intends to block out the liberation ideological light and the correct model emanating from the struggles and sacrifices of the members of the Black Panther Party by using the Marvel comic book movie “Black Panther” as a brainwashing blocking blanket. No doubt members of the intelligence community intends from this moment forward when someone says “Black Panther” the listener would automatically know who is being talked about :the wakandan panthers.
The fact is, members of the Black Panther Party and revolutionary prisoners of war are the real superheroes. They fought to put an end to a system that targets little children to brainwash. They fought to dissolve an empire that kills large numbers of people and let large numbers of people die. They fought to introduce a world full of love and peace, a world wherein love and peace would prevail until the end of the world, a world where no parent would yell at or beat their child. Now that Herman bell is going to be freed we must go on to free Ruchelle ‘Cinque’ Magee, Russel ‘Maroon’ Shoatz, Kamau Sadiki, Robert ‘Seth’ Hayes,Mutulu Shakur, Jalil Muntaqim, David Gilbert, Sundiata Acoli, Leonar Peltier, Brother Tayari and all the prisoners of war.


After seeing the movie parents should sit down to have a frank discussion with their children about what they need to know to survive in the genocidal society we live in.



Tarik Haskins

I am a former member of the Black Liberation Army. I spent 17 years in various American death camps as a prisoner of war.