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I am a Black Panther!
I am a former member of the Black Liberation Army. I spent 17 years in various American death camps as a prisoner of war.


May Day Parade in Cuba
May Day Parade in Cuba

Happy 60th anniversary of freeing yourselves from united states colonial control and freeing yourselves from control by the on the ground ruling class that was headed by Fulgencio Batista. After living the revolutionary years every day wondering whether the ruling class would crush the people’s aspirations to be free, finally, January 1, 1959, the people’s forces marched victoriously into a free future.
We are celebrating the victory of the Cuban people because they know the capitalist system does not work. Here in the united states every day more and more wage slaves are signing up for food stamps. U.S. government officials know the growing numbers of food stamp recipients is indicative of a time rapidly approaching when the food stamp budget will be depleted. This is why government officials are getting behind the campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
We are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Cuban revolution because for the last 60 years the Cuban people have not had to go through the pain and the suffering the ruling class subject the American citizens to. Unlike in Cuba, the ruling class in the united states are still training their citizenry to think of themselves as stupid:

to think that everything they do is wrong so they will lack self confidence: to think of themselves as cowards: and the ruling class train the 99% to think of themselves as worthless piles of something. The ruling class subject American citizens to this breaking in process to prevent the thought of rebelling from ever entering their minds. The consequence, the resulting collateral damage, of subjecting the people to the training talked about above is yearly hundreds of thousands of people have anxiety attacks, die from heart attacks, become alcoholics, become drug addicts, commit suicides, commit all sorts of heinous crimes, smoke and develop cancer, become serial killers, become drunk drivers. develop diabetes, become anorexic and starve themselves to death. Those who survive this process are the poor, butchered shells of human beings.
The Cuban people certainly have good cause to celebrate. For the past 60 years you have had the good fortune of growing the fruits of freedom. For the past 60 years you have created the educative institutions to teach yourselves that you are intelligent. Moreover, you have gladly created the medical institutions to freely attend to your ill health and to attend to the ill health of the world. For the past 60 years you continue to show yourself to be courageous, beginning with the Bay of Pigs, then the Congo and Angola. So many were lost. But when Africa called, Cuba answered. For 60 years through the embargo and through the sanctions you have continued to show your resolve to never give up. Comrade Fidel fought the yankee bullies until his last breath. We gladly celebrate your 60th anniversary because we love you. I want to add to this 60th anniversary celebration a couple of thank yous to comrade Fidel and to the Cuban people. Thank you for winning your revolution. Thank you for freeing yourselves from the united states colonial control. The Cuban people being free enabled president comrade Fidel Castro to attempt to gain the freedom of myself and of all the members of the Black Liberation Army so we could join Assata Shakur and Nehanda Abiodun. Comrade Fidel told Jimmy Carter, the united states president at that time, that in exchange for expediting the Muriel boat lift he wanted him to free the members of the Black Liberation Army and allow them to emigrate to Cuba. Jimmy Carter said no: members of the Black liberation army are criminals-not prisoners of war. Jimmy Carter’s “no” was soon followed by his U.N. ambassador, Mr. Andrew Young, publicly admitting that hundreds of political prisoners languish in united states death camp prisons. Thank you comrade Fidel and the Cuban people for your effort to free us.

Also, thank you comrade Fidel and the Cuban people for taking into Cuba, for loving and for protecting our sister soldier, Nehanda Isoke Abiodun. Sister Nehanbda escaped to cuba in the 1980s and stayed there until her recent transition to the ancestors on Janurary 30, 2018. Additionally, regarding our sister ambassador, Anayansi Rodriquez Camejo, because we here in this audience are free people, she is our ambassador too. Our ambassador, comrade sister Anayansi, has been promoted to become the deputy foreign minister of Cuba. Ambassador Anayansi we have mixed feeling about you leaving us to take up your new position. On the one hand, we are sadden because we will not be seeing you as regularly as we have grown accustomed to. On the other hand, we are happy you have been promoted. We know you will be put in a position where you can help out an even greater number of people.
Ambassador Anayansi thank you for lovingly working with us and for seeing us as your sisters and as your brothers. Sister Ambassador Anayansi, when I think of you, Ho Chi Minh comes to mind. As we know, Ho Chi Minh was the president of Viet Nam during the war with the united states. Like you ambassador Anayansi, Ho Chi Minh lived in America and witness the hellish situation the American people live under. When Ho Chi Minh ascended to a high official position in his country he urged his fellow citizens to never give up. I strongly believe sister ambassador Anayansi, like Ho Chi Minh, will urge her fellow citizens to push past another 60 years and never give up.



Tarik Haskins

I am a former member of the Black Liberation Army. I spent 17 years in various American death camps as a prisoner of war.